Family Promise is a national organization who's mission is to help homeless families get out of homelessness and into stable living.  The entire organization of Family Promise has several programs that work toward that goal.  The one we are currently looking at is Interfaith Hospitality Network or IHN.  This program takes homeless families and gives them a place to sleep and a stable environment where they can start to get back on their feet.  This is done through church involvement and is a community effort.  In order for the program to run smoothly we need at least 13 churches committed to being host congregations.  That is where we are now, looking for host churches.  I know that White County is a very loving and giving place, and this will not be a problem at all.  There are so many details to the program that I couldn't possibly give them all here.  Please watch the video and then join us at our next meeting to learn more.  We will be having a meeting for members of Mossy Creek to hear all the info and hopefully decide that this is something we are willing to do.  The date of that meeting is to be announced soon.  Also, we would love for you to join us at the next community meeting set for May 10th @ 7PM.  This meeting will be held at our office North Georgia Environmental Services located just South of Wal-Mart on 129.
Anna Nix

For more information on Family Promise of White County, please check out our website.  We are working very hard to get this program started.  Thank you for your continued support.